Flow builds technologies that leverage data to improve mobility in cities.


We bring...


Data to understand what's working and what's not.

Make more informed choices.


Machine learning to apply patterns to see what's possible.

Find new solutions. 


What makes us different...

User-centered design: focus on outcomes for our users

Integrated approach: build solutions which engage and benefit all stakeholders in the transportation system


We're building for


Visualize the way that mobility functions in your city and gain insight into how effectively public transit is serving citizens, what can be improved and what effect changes would have on the system at large. 

Transit System

Understand how people use the transit system and at what cost to the operator. Explore additional cost-effective options.


See the true cost of your transportation choices and how they effect congestion and mobility in your city .


“[Flow] aims to funnel transit data to city officials in hopes of making traffic more bearable and figuring out newer, smarter ways of moving people and goods around the country's urban areas."
-- The New York Times