Flow Brand Manual



Internal and external presentations can be created using the latest version of our Google Slides template. It includes layouts for basic titles, agendas, basic texts, visuals with captions, and the placement of charts and diagrams.

Elements in the master template, such as the footer, should not be modified. However, title slide graphics and text should be updated to best fit the content of the presentation.

If external facing, presentations should be reviewed by design.


Our letterhead template should be used for more formal, external communication.

Our memo template should be used for less formal, internal communication, or for less formal communication with existing partners.


Email Signature

Email signatures should use the blue Flow logo lockup, and follow the general styles in the mockup to the right.

To add the logo in Gmail, go to the signature edit section in your email settings and insert an image. Copy the link URL below to place the image in your signature.

Business Cards

To have business cards ordered for you:

  1. Enter your info here
  2. Tag the design team to add your info to the template
  3. Design will place the order through Moo.com
Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 2.52.07 PM.png